Where are you online??

With a move away from mapping into Search Advertising – primarily Bing Search Advertising as the UK lead for Bing Search Ads I have a wider perspective now, which is continuously developing, as to how businesses can take advantage of a wider set of digital marketing tools available to complement their social strategy.  Here are my initial thoughts…..

Today, digital presence, when mentioned mainly sparks up the notion of having a website, social media page of some form or the ability to be searchable via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Bing or other search engine.

The latter is not always considered by many businesses nowadays with a focus more on social media than search engines and is often left to the end when there is a real need for businesses to advertise their products or services. In today’s dependency on technology it is important for all businesses whether a one man band or large plc. to ensure they have all the bases covered. It is also important that all forms of your presence in an online world takes advantage of all the services available as you may be missing an opportunity somewhere.

We all consider Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr etc. or even ancillary services such as About.Me, etc. as the ideal forms of creating awareness of what we do as a business but often what is left to the end is advertising primarily Search Advertising (PPC or SEM). Search Advertising is seen as a burden on the pocket or balance sheet, however, more recently even social media channels have been looking into and have started to invest in their own advertising offerings. Facebook has invested heavily in providing advertising support for their corporate and enterprise customers as have Twitter and LinkedIN. At the end of the day advertising is the oldest social medium that still exists.

It’s also worth noting that when developing an advertising strategy that you consider all channels – Google is not the only medium. More and more customers are considering the value of the Yahoo Bing Network as an additional and alternative platform to Google. Covering 35 markets today and growing the Yahoo Bing Network , catering for both Search (Yahoo and Bing) and Display advertising (Xbox Live, Skype, MSN, Windows 8 and Windows Phone) you have the ability to spread your reach far and wide.

It does not just end there, with mobile being integral to the ongoing growth strategy of Microsoft and Bing, Bing Search is constantly developing new avenues to expand its reach – Cortana, as well as testing areas that are successful today on the PC – bridging the experience gap between PC and Mobile. As you know search on Mobile is very soon due to surpass traditional search on the Web due to the growth in portable devices be it tablets, phablets or mobile phones so undoubtedly this opportunity cannot be missed which in turn provides a greater opportunity for you and your business.

Consider the options, utilise the resource and ask the question. Advertising is an opportunity to expose your brand to the world so why limit your resources, take advantage of all that is available as you may be missing a trick somewhere.


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