Digital Noise

Can you cast your mind back to the days before Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, PinTerest etc etc etc etc .  Can you…seriously…seems like they have been around forever.

Foursquare – 2010, Facebook – 2004, Twitter – 2006, PinTerest – 2010, LinkedIn – 2003, all children of a new generation, the 21st Generation evolution.

With so much opportunity to share information whether it be holiday photos, sharing thoughts on recent news or events or even just a straight forward shout out, the idea that your life is your own is no longer an issue.  Some say this could be a good thing whereas a large number of people are still shying away from dipping their toe in the ocean.  Recently, the daughter of a close friend was due to attend an interview at a University.  Through LinkedIn and Facebook she was able to research and obtain information regarding her interviewer which helped her immensely in relating her desire to join the university with his experience.   Contrary to this there are scenarios where well-known personalities and “footballers” or “cricketers” have suffered from the trigger thumb or nervous twitch syndrome followed by the odd “Oops” and ” Oh Oh !!!! “.  Something I heard recently  – “don’t say anything on Twitter that you would not say on a mic”

Twitter currently has around 175m registered users – that is registered users not active, Facebook close to 1bn which is equivalent to 82% of the population of India .  With such a vast populous of individuals currently embracing the new digital revolution the growth in Social Media tools is also on the increase.   A study by Econsultancy documented that in Jan 2010 total Twitter accounts equated to 75m accounts compared to the 175m accounts we see today with actual tweets equating to 15m when compared to todays 93m.  

The power to share has become a global phenomenon with kids in school to the retired enthusiast in an armchair sharing thoughts and experiences with a global community.  Global events provide an ideal opportunity for the public to express their views openly  – London 2012 saw 15m tweets over the summer, however this figure does not account for those messages without #london2012 or #Olympicgames etc…  

But what is most encouraging is the adoption amongst Small Enterprise businesses. 

Social Networking, Social Media, Digital Marketing etc has provided a great platform for organisations to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that are now available through the various channels.    A recent report published by Social Media Examiner  shows  the impact of Social Media tools on either raising awareness of their products and services or attracting new customers.  The beauty with the variety of networks available is that businesses can express an element of creativity and innovation with the tools to hand

– Twitter can be used to provide quick snip announcements, raising awareness, increasing exposure across a variety of demographics

– Facebook provides an opportunity to reach a more direct audience, creating an emotional attachment to your organisations and the products and services on offer  in short a cost-effective and direct advertising platform

-LinkedIn is ideal for raising your corporate profile, creating a digital community, looking for resource that is related to the interests of your company.  A platform for Corporate Networking without the need to promise a coffee !!!!



The ultimate thought and message would be is to 1) adapt to Social Media – requires a change in mind-set, be creative and innovative with your messaging, think of your audience and what you expect from them in return; 2) adopt Social Media – there are lots of tools out there so identify what is right for you, it’s down to one person but to all in your organisation to jump on board, be mindful of your messaging – what is it that you truly want to say? 3) react to Social Media – getting your message out there and shouting to the world is not enough – keep an eye out for what people are say about you and react accordingly.

Love or hate it – it’s here to stay !!


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