Innovators in mapping

The success of Bing Maps within the Enterprise space is not only down to the platform and it’s features, development toolkits etc…..but also down to those organisations and individuals who grasp the toolkits and add that element of creativity, flair and magic or in my mind they give it the “Houdini Effect”, adding an element of magic to present and display information in such a way that truly does take your breath away.

Over the years we have worked with a number of organisations that take control of the resources available and start to mould and build amazing solutions.  The solutions that really take your breath away are those

I personally have had the honor of working with a number of Certified Partners and Agencies that have created some amazing solutions with Bing Maps but have also taken that leap of faith by integrating other Microsoft Solutions and Serivces such as Silverlight, Pivot, Photosynth etc.

These organisation range from creative individuals to creative design agencies that have the vision to see beyond what maps can offer.  You will see a selection of these partners and specialists in my Developer Links resource.  If you require further support please feel free to contact me via .


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